Monday, May 4, 2009

Rumors Now!: T-Mobile to release new Android devices.

From the looks of the image plastered all over the internet today, is showing a road map of T-Mobiles future ideas. What has us a little excited here at Mobile Now! is the fact that more Android devices seem to be trickling out of the wood work.
First thing is first the G1 is rumored to be seeing an "End of Life" (That's what the EOL stands for.), but replacing it is the G1 v.2 aka Bigfoot. Mobile Now! not having the full information on this device can say that it looks to be almost Helio Ocean like, with a slide out qwerty keyboard. We can give you more info. when it is recieved.
Second, the road map shows us a picture of the "G2 HTC Sapphire" dropping in the summer time. The "G2" is Rumored to be the MyPhone 3G, or in Europe the HTC Magic. T-Mobile will have alot of happy campers on there hands with these two rumored devices.
What we think, is that the Samsung Houdini pictured above releasing in the fall time of next year will be the newly spied Samsung i7500. That will make those happy customers, become ecstatic costumers
All in all it is just a rumor . . . but boy can't we wait.

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