Friday, May 8, 2009

Mobile Now! is no more. . .

Why you ask well technically, not allowed to say, but I can tell you all that we have opened a different site.

This is site is more focused towards one mobile OS... So feel free to join us over on DroidHead The Blog
We see a bigger opportunity with an open source OS then a locked down iCrap, or a POS likw CurtainsMobile. . . I think you get the hint.

Come on by!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Android Cupcake will go out May 11th.

BGR Reports the image above, yay! Android update 1.5 Cupcake will be available to all of the G1 owners via over-the-air (OTA) updates. We have been waiting for a while for this to finally come out... now all you have to do is wait.

The OTA update will start going out May 11th till the end of the month. It should look similar to this;

Rumor Now!: Wal-Mart to sell iPhone for $99

The big thing circulating the ol' iPhone rumor mill for a while is that Wal-Mart will get their hands on the iPhone to sell. The other part of the rumor is that they would sell them for $99, nice I know. A lot of the world is saying how could this be, and Apple and Wal-Mart has not said one thing on it. Well one thing that Unwired View thinks is that Wal-Mart will get hands on a 4GB model. Which one, the EDGE ready 1st gen or the 3G? No one knows, but it does make a good point. Either way we might find something out on December 28th when the expected Wal-Mart iPhone should be on the shelves.

E75 now available in the US.

The Nokia E75 is now available in the US at flagship stores in Chicago and New York. The E75 is a Symbian smartphone from Nokia (For those of you who don't know.), and it has both the 9 digit number pad with a slide out QWERTY board. Now this Nokia will set you back about $529.99 without a contract through the Nokia stores, and from what we heard from Symbian-Guru, it might be worth it.

Ubuntu running on G1?

Thanks to John Walton of we now can see pictures of a T-mobile G1 with the Debian-based Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope with LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. I couldn't tell you how to do it but thanks to PhoneDog I can post you a link. By clicking the link you are doing so at your own risk, I am NOT telling you to hack and possibly breaking your G1.

For the daring or reckless, here's the how to - it's your business.

LG's design the future competition

Have you seen some of today's cell phones? Yeah we know, if you haven't then why would you be reading this. Well ladies and gents, LG is now holding a competition for you, yeah you, to give them your ideas on the "Phone of the Future". Feeling up to it? Good, now here is what you would win.
Award 1: $20,000
Award 2: $10,000
Award 3: $5,000
Plus 40 awards of $1,000 and an LG phone
Nice,huh? Well,what are you waiting for. . . Go see what you could win! Let us know if you get anything from this.

LG Design the Future Competition

Bargain smartphones

From: CNET Review

These are the smartphones CNET and Senior Associate Editor Bonnie Cha think are the best value in the smartphone world. By that I mean they have all the capabilities of the $400+ devices, but with the value of a bargain phone.
  • Nokia E71x (AT&T) 99.99 w/ contract
  • Verizon Wireless XV6900 (VZW) 69.99 w/ contract
  • Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 (T-mobile) 49.99-399.99 w/ contract
  • Palm Centro (AT&T,VZW, Sprint) 29.99-79.99 w/ contract
  • Blackberry Curve 8330 (Sprint) 99.99 w/ contract
  • Motorola Q9c (Sprint) 99.99 w/ contract
I will agree with CNET and Ms.Cha on all of the above, I would like to add the Blackberry Pearl on VZW for 99.99 with a contract.

Let us know if you have any other smartphones that you would like to addto the list.

Nokia E52 has 8 hours of talk time!

Nokia's replacement for the E51 will be the E52, no really I'm not lieing. The news about this device will be the amazing 8 hours of talk time and 23 days of standby... WOW. The E52 will come with a 2.4 inch, "Call Connect" to ensure you can be easily contacted through a single number. Support for Nokia Messaging, Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler are on the E52 so you can get any work email on the go. Media functions on the device will be a 3.2 MP camera, and A-GPS and HSPA connectivity. This Nokia will also be quad-band GSM for both the US and European market. It probably won't be launched until the second half of the year with a $326 price tag, sound worth it for the everyday business person that still wants to keep a low profile.

-Nokia via PhoneAreana

Samsung Star and Preston available now!

Samsung has announced the arrival of two new touch screen handsets. Pictured above is the Samsung Star (S5230) and Preston (S5600). First the Star, this device will have a 3.0-inch WQVGA full-touch screen and Samsung’s TouchWiz User Interface with Mobile Widgets, a 3.2 mega-pixel camera and video recording, 50MB memory capacity with an external memory slot up to 8GB. The Preston will sport a 2.8-inch QVGA full-touch screen with TouchWiz UI, Music Recognition using Shazam’s Find Music service, a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, and something called and “Gesture Lock”, which is designed to customize and personalize the way you use your phone. The star can only support EDGE(huh?) while the Preston will support 3G. Both devices will become available in Europe and most of Asia in the months of April and May.


Palm Pre to Arrive in Canada on Bell

The Palm Pre is now going to be released to the Canadian market through Bell Mobility. “We’re excited to bring Pre to Canada with Bell Mobility,” said Brodie Keast, senior vice president of marketing for Palm, Inc. “We’ve seen enormous interest from mobile operators worldwide and fully expect to continue to expand distribution for Pre, putting it within reach of more and more customers." The Palm Pre has been one of the must have devices since its debut in 2008 with its webOS and stone like contour sporting a slide out qwerty keypad. The Pre should debut in Canada exclusively on Bell Mobility’s 3G high-speed mobile network in the second half of 2009.