Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rumor Now! Storm 2 to hit in September.

Rumors start somewhere and take off like wildfire, sometimes true but most . . . not so much. SlashGear is reporting "someone close to the issue" told them to expect the next Blackberry touchscreen device everyone has labeled the Storm 2, sometime in September. Along with that the report also states and easier way of typing, and a 5MP camera . . . boy are we excited.

Lets be honest here, that is why we call this Rumor Now! so we can put this out there and see where it lands. The Storm came out with awesome marketing behind it and a following that was waiting for "The First Touchscreen Blackberry", but the reviews we held wanting. All I can say to RIM is this. RIM please do us all a favor here and make us a device worth spending 2 months rent on please, we can't get a two year price now with our Storms being 7 months old.

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