Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LG's VX11000 will officially be called the enV Touch

Well ladies and gents with Big Red, the LG VX11000 (spied above) has been leaked, not as the Voyager 2 as most of you thought, but as the new LG enV Touch. This handset will be replacing the old and out dated Voyager. The source (from PhoneArena) has also given up some of the specs on the device including the screen resolution being 480X800 for both screens, the external being touch the internal, well. . . not. They have also told them the device will have a 3.5mm jack, 3.omp camera with auto focus (Schneider Kreusnach lens), LED flash, stereo speakers, a qwerty keyboard (of course) and can use a microSDHC card up to 16GB. It is nice to see the enV evolving . . . just not into a Voyager, but we will see once tester models hit the blogoshpere for review.

pictures by BGR

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