Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gmail pushed to your Blackberry.

For all of you Gmail fans out there ( I know I am.) Blackberry's first acting push will come from Google themselves. With the newly released Blackberry API push info, Google will now help millions of "googlers" get their Gmail, and Google calendars pushed to their blackberry devices.

Now for the fun part, this is a first time thing and RIM and Google are working kinks out. Right now it is available to those of you on Blackberry Enterprise Servers (BES). Wait, it gets better. Those BES's need to have full Microsoft Exchange support, AND will only be able to support 250 members, as opposed to it original 500. Oh, did I mention that you will not have full Gmail or Calenders... That is what I said, you can view the info, but don't expect to be able to change your calender from your select blackberry.

I know, I know, why would they tease you with such goodies and then make them so so SO ridiculous. Well, from what we have been told they are working to update the issues, until then, I will stick with checking it on the browser.


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